The Tribe

Ritu and Surya Singh are self-taught artists with a dream; a dream to find their tribe/pack of like-minded people,a world that would collaborate and give a deeper meaning to artistic pursuits. To create a philosophy, that would espouse togetherness, a genuine spirit of exchange & barter, and would ultimately start a movement. A movement towards shared experiences and collective expression.They use scrap and discards as their primary medium to create objects, spaces,events and installations. It is also their muse, inspiration and their way of making a difference. Their work usually garners an “I can do this” reaction. This encourages them to keep at it, hoping that others will join in

Previous Works

  • Kochi Muziris Biennale 2018 _ Eye Spy
  • Permanent installation for TATA Projects/ Dravyavati river project 2018
  • ‘Heart land”Installation at Jaipur Art Summit 2016
  • ‘Bloom” permanent installation at the SMS school jaipur
  • ‘Udaan’, Installation for Jaipur Development Authority, Ambedkar Circle 2016
  • ‘Mango Tree’, installation at Tijara for Nemrana Hotels, 2016
  • ‘Objects and Observations’, Installation for Hotel Sarovar, Udaipur 2016
  • Various Commissioned works for the Clarks Amer, Jaipur
  • Invited by Red Earth at the Alliance Francaise, Delhi August 2015
  • Participated in the Jaipur Art Summit 2014

Since inception, we have created our home & home-stay in Jaipur. It is where we work, play, create, and express our own as well as ideas of all our visiting friends and creators. We also have another studio-space at the Clarks Amer Hotel in Jaipur that we use for our own, and others’ events. This space too, like our own home, doubles up as a studio-space for us & for other artists, where experimentation, free-wielding thought and expression, and ultimately, gallery-exhibition, are encouraged. We also do a lot of our own work, be it curating events or designing and constructing theme or subject-based art installations for various spaces. Essentially, we’re wanderers. We go wherever beautiful thoughts and wonderful people take us. We’ve done pop-up restaurants because we love food. We’ve set-up Winter Markets that have brought together other eccentric creators like ourselves and given our beloved city a chance to experience some unique activities and own peculiar things. Today, we are fortunate enough to be increasing our own presence, both in India as well as abroad, as we continue our perennial quest for WOLF – combining, collaborating, collecting and expressing…

WOLF is home, office, sanctuary. Cut off. Hide out. Live. Breathe. Revel. Create. In two idyllic spaces, one for Residencies & the other for additional Studio Space!

Wolf is an idea,a place for possibilities

It is a platform to collaborate with the tribe: individuals who enjoy time for themselves, who steer clear of ‘fast’ or ‘many’ or ‘same’ and who are driven by passion and not materialism,it is a movement towards a more conscious, sustainable and morally sound environment so that we can leave a better is about finding opportunities for the talented and promoting them through a network of the is about being resourceful, hard working, trustworthy and looking out for the pack!

Mrs Timmie Kumar and Mr Apurv Kumar of the clarks amer have been our patrons and supported Wolf from a nascent stage. Wolf is a physical space as well on the grounds of the Clarks Amer. Nestled in the nursey and created entirely from the scrap of the hotel, the physical space is imperative as a meeting, doing, thinking place for the team and a gallery for the arts

we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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