Theater of Stories by Wolf

TOS 2017

TOS 2017


Ritu and Surya Singh are self taught artists based in Jaipur. They create installations and experiences from scrap and discards.

In celebration of 11 years of JLF, they have created a whimsical show inspired by the literary genius of Proust. A collaborative experience, this ‘theatre of stories’ brings together a set of people who believe in characters, find inspiration from the plots and are driven by the narratives! Playing on memories and nostalgia through discards and encouraging you to “see with new eyes”!

Supershaktimustapha- a photographic series by Nicolas Henry: Fanfares, elephants, camels, colorful saris, giant tanneries, sumptuous architectures, dizzy dips in the stepwells, old oriental palaces, women’s workshops and heaps of trash compose the elements of this delusional and rocambolesque narrative crossed by sumptuous colors from India and Morocco.

A limited edition of patchworks by the legendary block printer Brigitte Singh. Memories are stitched with love and as a book releases on her work this year at the festival, it is an honour to be able to display these masterpieces.

Baro: a seamless union of aesthetics, ethics and ergonomics. this store from Bombay joins us with a beautiful range of furniture from reclaimed teak and lighting. The best seats to read/ hear all the stories!

Ecru is a lifestyle store based in Kuwait. They come to the theatre with an installation of the “storyteller”, the Hakwati!

Shed is a design house based in Surat. their range of board games and spinning tops keep us enchanted.

Help-in-suffering is an animal charity we support. they produce small accessories and toys for children of all ages.

Guest artist : floriane de lassee’



Date: Exhibition continues till February 28, 2018
Time: 11.00 am to 5 pm daily (Sunday closed)
Venue: Roots Hall by the Poolside, Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur

Tel No. +91 9828023030


Calendar :

Opening Party 21th January, 4-7 PM

You can come to visit us from the 4 th of January until the 28 of February.

Jaipur literature Festival  : 25 to 29th January :

Performance / The Supershaktiman story / Musician / “Born Polluted » Buto danse by Moh Aroussi: 27 th January / 6 PM

Release of Brigitte Singh Book : 28th January 4-7 PM

Closing party : 24 and 25 of February 


Hotel Clarks Amer

JLN marg


Roots hall, poolside


Supported by Art at ZEEJLF



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